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Vilnius, 21-23 August 2003

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The conference will be organised by the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care (ESPMH) in cooperation with the Lithuanian Bioethics Committee, the Department of Medical History and Ethics (Medical Faculty of Vilnius University), Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO, the Central and East European Association of Bioethics (CEEAB).


The general theme of the conference is on philosophical and ethical issues in relation to European integration, particularly in the area of medicine and health care. Now that it is clear that the European Union will be expanded with new member states, it is imperative that the ethical reflection on medicine and health care is stimulates in all European countries.

The following topics will be addressed in the conference:

  • European issues in philosophy of healthcare and bioethics
  • Development of medical philosophy and bioethics
  • Institutionalisation of philosophy and ethics in healthcare
  • Harmonisation of medical reseach regulations
  • Human rights and health care
  • Solidarity and health care
  • Just health care
  • The gap between 'academic' and 'bureaucratic' bioethics
  • Commercialisation in health care
  • Patenting and genetics
  • Genetic/health related data bases
  • Use of biological materials
  • (Future) European guidelines in biomedical reseach


The language during the conference is English. Simultaneous translation is not available.

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